Agenda Outline
Topical Areas Each Day:

Friday Focus
The Patient from Diagnosis to Active Oncology Care:

Friday Morning Focus: Working alongside conventional care
  • What laboratory diagnostics can be used both from standard of care and innovative lab assessments.
  • What integrative therapies can be used during active chemotherapy, surgery and radiation?
  • How does one deal with mitigating conventional care side effects during said care?
Friday Afternoon Focus: Therapies when Standard of Care Fails and Overall Patient Assessment
  • What if the patient is not a candidate for conventional care, fails conventional care or cannot tolerate it – what are the best aggressive integrative therapies to use?
  • How does one assess efficacy of any active care – when and how do we know?
  • What protocols are available?

Saturday Focus
The Patient in Secondary Prevention – Maintaining Remission:

Saturday Morning Focus: No Evidence of Disease? How to Keep it That Way?
  • What are the triggers for cancer recurrence?
  • What is the latest tumor biology leading us to in preventive strategies?
  • How do we assess the “non-cancer” areas of health that can silently trigger a recurrence?
Saturday Afternoon Focus: Maintaining Remission – What do I do?
  • What are key strategies and protocols for this phase over time?
  • How do I assess and track all this?

Sunday Focus
The Patient in Recovery from Active Oncology Care:

Sunday Morning Focus: Recovery Strategies – The Obvious and not so Obvious Benefits!
  • How can we maximize recovery from surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, or any combination thereof?
  • How does an appropriate recovery plan actually lower recurrence risk for cancer?
  • How long should this phase last?
  • How do we assess progress?
Sunday Afternoon Focus: How to aid Healing and Prepare for Remission.
  • What specific protocols should we consider?

  • If there is no remission what do we do next regarding anti-cancer and quality of life interventions?