Integrative Immunology at the Next Level – Finding and Treating Blocks to Cure

Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center
Friday, Oct 9th – Sunday, Oct 11th, 2020

18 AMA Cat-1 CME Planned
Initial Agenda Outline - Faculty and timing to be assigned

Friday Focus:
Immune Disruption – the Source of Most Chronic Illness

  • Biotoxins, Mycotoxins, Chemical and Metal Toxicants: Effects on the Human Immune Response
  • Brain Mapping using qEEG and other methodologies in chronic cases
  • Patients to consider further testing: What presentations, what tests and when
  • Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)
  • The allergy / toxin / immune regulation crossover conundrum: Where do I go next?
  • Immunology isn’t my Strong Suit: can I leave here understanding it better so I can really help my patients?

Saturday Focus:
Mold and Mycotoxin Illness – Assessment and Treatment, “A to Z”

  • Patient Selection: The mold patient you “can’t see”
  • Diagnosis and assessment: The good and bad of testing and follow-up
  • Effective treatment strategies: When herbal, versus compounded or standard Rx are required
  • Troubleshooting the tough patient or the one in crisis
  • Environmental testing and assessment
  • Prevention: Keeping them well

Sunday Focus:
Removing Blocks to Cure – More Therapeutic options

  • Mast Cells and neuropsychiatric issues: NeuroQuant Imaging to locate dysregulation in mold, MCAS, EDS/dysautonomia
  • Human “chemical” impediments to healing and their therapeutics: Sulfites, Oxalates, Pyrroles, Salicylates, Aldehydes, Alcohols, Ammonia and related compounds
  • The gut, biofilms and other targets of therapies
  • Respiratory therapies
  • Specific therapies and synergy: Using therapies together for increased clinical success. Included will be nutrient supplements, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Sauna, IV and Injection overviews, Laser/PDT, Rx and other useful therapies